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Introduction to the Czech Archives
Appleton Public Library presents:
Topic -
Find Your Ancestors: Introduction to the Czech Archives
by Ann Cramer, Susan Chapman and Don Skarda
presented on September 10, 2022
*****Note: since this presentation the Zamrsk Archive has been completely updated and the digital record images can be accessed directly online at
- Description -
Join us via Youtube for a virtual genealogical program as part of Appleton Public Library annual Find Your Ancestors series.
Do you have ancestors that hail from what is now called the Czech Republic? In various records, your ancestor might have been listed as a citizen of Austria, Austro-Hungary, Bavaria, Czechoslovakia, or Germany or may have considered themselves Bohemian, Moravian, Silesian, Czech or German. This program will discuss locating parish vital records in Czech regional archives, how to get help with the language and what resources are available to learn more about your Czech ancestors! Please note to get the most out of this presentation, you will need to know the name of the village where your ancestors came from.
Presented by Sokol Milwaukee leaders Susan Chapman, Ann Cramer and Don Skarda.
Sokol Milwaukee hosts informal genealogy sessions via Zoom about six times a year. Susan Chapman has several years of genealogy research experience and is a member of Czechoslovak Genealogical International Society (CGSI), German-Bohemian Heritage Society (GBHS), and Milwaukee County Genealogical Society (MCGS). Ann Vojta Cramer is of 100% Czech heritage. She has worked on the Czech genealogy of her four grandparents and is familiar with the Czech Regional archives in Litomerice and Prague. She has a working knowledge of Czech culture, history and language, and has visited the Czech Republic nine times. Don Skarda, a Czech descendant, is the technical resource person for Sokol Milwaukee and other groups.

Czech-Slovak Genealogy Interest Group
Send us an email is there is a certain topic you would like to discuss.
Please contact: Ann Cramer or Susan Chapman; to be added to the zoom session mailing list
and with any questions.
If you are interested in starting or advancing your Czech-Slovak genealogy research and would like to share resources, discuss problems and learn how to access online records from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, then maybe you would like to participate in the Czech-Slovak Genealogy Interest Group. 
Please let us know if there is some topic of special interest that you would like to see a presentation on.
Also known as Czech-Slovak Area Research Group.
The Milwaukee County Genealogical Society website also includes the calendar of our research group meetings.
Please contact: Susan Chapman; or Harold Kralik with any questions regarding your research and we will try to assist you with your research.
TRANSLATORS are always welcome and appreciated, to help translate old records/documents. Old records from the Czech Republic can be in Czech, German and Latin. Old records from Slovakia can be in Slovak, Hungarian and Latin. 
Please feel free to bring guests.
Helpful links for Czech genealogy can be found on MCGS (Milwaukee County Genealogical Society) site at: Links:  Ethnic - Czech and for Slovak genealogy at: Ethnic - Slovak.
More helpful links for reading those records in German script can be found on MCGS (Milwaukee County Genealogical Society) site at: Links: Ethnic - German

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(Previous in-person meetings since 2014 were held at the New Berlin Public Library; the former Norway House on Oklahoma Ave; and the Cudahy Public Library). Meetings are currently virtual via Zoom.