Sokol/Sokolice Milwaukee, Inc.
Celebrating Czech-Slovak culture through education and physical fitness since 1868
Mission / Purpose
The purpose of the Sokol/Sokolice Milwaukee, Inc. is to provide a community for individuals and
families through cultural, physical, educational and social programs.

Operating Year: September 2021 - August 2022

Executive Board
President: Sonia Riecan
1st Vice President: Don Skarda
2nd Vice President: Anna Cookova
Secretary: Sonka Tostrud
Treasurer: Ann Cramer
Membership Secretary: Dee Nordgren
Education Director: Susan Chapman
Gymnastics Director: Gerald Novotny
Marketing Director: Jenni Miller
Newsletter Editor: Gerald Novotny

Meeting Information

Membership Meetings are held five times per year on the first Monday of the month. Kick-off meeting is in September and Annual Meeting is in February. Refer to the events calendar for more information. Special events held throughout the year.
Meetings held at the West Allis Public Library, Constitution Room, 7421 W. National Avenue, West Allis, WI.